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What we do


Entrance doors give the first impresion of what can be found behind them. Therefore, you should be careful and honest when selecting them. Doors are, in a way, the first love of EJ company. The above mentioned piece of joinery is the first product manufactured more than three decades ago by EJ, in the then small carpenter's workshop wich is now a large international company.

We like all of them equally, both the simple ones and the luxurious, very complex ones, our experienced workers pay equal attention to all of them. Depending on the type of doors and specific requirements, our designers and constructors suggest a solution, which will ensure long term quality and functionality.



Our windows are designed for modern living. Uncompromising in quality, beauty and functionality. For those who seek the highest standards of excellence. Our products meet the most strict technical and preformance criteria demanded today, to keep occupants safe from the extremes weather, temperature, noise and intruders.

EJ windows collection achives those standards whilst also providing a virtually unlimited kaleidoscope of color, texture and finish options. We are providing sophisticated product harmonized with you and your individual style.


In 2020, the production plant was separated and became a subsidiary within the Enterijer Janković d.o.o. group. EJ AluStone is a specialized company for the design, production, and installation of natural and artificial stone products, windows in the wood-aluminum system; aluminum or exterior carpentry, and cutting services for all types of materials.



EJ has recognized Lapitec as an innovative product that will have significant application in contemporary architecture and design. Construction of the most modern production plant for processing of Lapitec slabs in Novi Sad, selection and purchase of the last generations of CNC machines for complete processing of stone and composite materials, as well as training of professional staff for adequate application and design of Lapitec products, enables the company to offer complete solution of projects assignments on the turnkey system.

Furniture and Joinery

We are constantly improving ourselves in order to adapt the daily changes on the market, with the goal to improve our existing system and keep in step with the latest world trends in the field of our activity

In cooperation with domestic and foreign designers, combining different types of materials such as wood, stainless steel and brass, we have chosen to create contemporary furniture for hotels, resturants and residences. If the forniture in standard sizes and shapes dose not meet your needs, we are able to meet you and offer you the forniture that can be custom made for you.


Merging traditions and creativity to bring the future

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Our production is working in highest Quality and Environmental Management System

Enterijer Janković is FSC® certified thanks to the use of wood harvested from forests that are responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable

- With us, nature is always in trend -

certificateEJ works according to Quality and Environmental Management System: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards
certificateWe are proud that we are environmentally conscious because the wood we use comes from sustainable sources. That is why we can boast of our FSC accredited certification.